Land & Community Planning

Our portfolio includes community planning and product design for the following TND projects: Celebration, FL; Baldwin Park, FL; Avalon Park, FL; Viera, FL; Randall Park, Orlando, FL; La Siena, McAllen; Westmonte Station, NY; Pacific Winds, Republic of Panama; Orchid Bay, Belize; Costa Del Sol, Spain.

“Buildings fair, and gorgeous to the eye whose streets straight, and paved with finest brick, quarter the town in four equivalents; there saw we learned Maro’s golden tomb, the way he cut an English mile in length through a rock of stone in one night’s space.”

– Christopher Marlowe describing his hero soaring over Naples- Dr. Faustus (III,i)

Charleston, Savannah, Richmond, Alexandria – cities and towns that delight in the pedestrian and awaken our sense of community.  Squares, parks, shops, street cafés- places we love to congregate and refresh our souls.   These are the places we love to visit and wish to live in.  Why then have we departed from creating such traditional neighborhoods?

In the past sixty years or so our cities and towns have suffered at the hands of the statistical concerns of traffic engineers, city planners, zoning commissions, building officials, building codes and financiers.  Our communities are experiencing the results of past sins committed by our planning forefathers – fragmented neighborhoods, social disintegration, horrific big-box retail centers lining highways and arteries that are no more than just concrete automotive sewers bisecting and infecting our landscape and neighborhoods.  This antiquated approach to urban planning has contributed to vastly diminishing our quality of life.

Traditional Neighborhood Developments (TND) may not be the complete cure to such past planning ills, but they are definitely showing promising results.  Communities such as Seaside (FL), I’On (SC), Kentlands (MD), Celebration (FL), and many other fine TNDs around the country and world have given visionary planners and designers opportunities to demonstrate principles long since passed.  Principles from before WWII that can again work to stitch neighborhoods back together again and make them easily accessible to where we play, work, worship, and shop.

Morales Design Studio (MDS) is deeply committed to the New Urbanism movement.  We recognize that the “city is more important than the building.” Development is more art than science.  It is creative, multidisciplinary, and often very complex.  It requires the skills, talents, and intuition of many players.  In response to this need, MDS has assembled a talented group of planners and designers with the goal of improving aesthetics, convenience, social integration, thus providing a more sustainable way of developing communities.

Whether the need is a preliminary TND Master Plan or traditional and classical buildings to populate the Master Plan, MDS stands prepared to meet the needs and desires of all stakeholders involved.  Contact us about how we can assist you in planning your next community.