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Charrette Design Process
A charrette is an intensive planning session that expedites the schematic design phase from many weeks to just a matter of days. It is typically held near the project site, where stakeholders, such as developer, builder, municipalities, and others collaborate with the planners and designers on a vision for development. More importantly, it allows everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the plan. Formal and informal meetings are held each day and updates to the plan are presented periodically. Charrettes provides a valuable forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback/response to stakeholders and designers. Three advantages of a charrette:
1.) Everyone who has a stake in the project develops a vested interest in the ultimate vision. The design team works together with all interested parties to produce a set of design documents which address all considerations of both design and feasibility & sustainability.
2.) The expedited format allows projects to get off the ground quicker and into development. The prolonged back and forth discussions that typically delay conventional projects is avoided by the giving all interested parties a meaningful forum with which to contribute to a successful outcome.
3.) This collaborative process allows the product to be produced more efficiently and cost-effectively.
What normally would take several months was accomplished in a matter of days by charrette. DSC_0017
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Bobby Morales, ICAA, AIBD and Bud Lawrence, ICAA are both certifies NCI charrette administrators.
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