What We Offer

Luxury Home Design

Our projects have been featured in a variety of magazines, online features and even HGTV!

We specialize in authentic traditional & classical home styles; providing services catered to the most discerning luxury custom home clients. MDS has set itself apart in its ability to harmonize old world styles with the needs of modern life; receiving awards specifically to this credit. We design homes that are an extension of the desires and dreams of your unique family.

Builder Services

Today’s market requires that builders offer unique cost-effective designs and accurate construction documentation.

MDS can help your next project be profitable and stand out uniquely from your competitors by using our highly-trained designers and experienced CAD technologists to produce well-detailed construction documents and quick turnaround. Our vigorous quality-control program ensures a level of accuracy that gives the builder confidence that the building process will flow easily with minimal variances.

Developer Services

Our community planning projects (including TND) spans internationally from Panama, Spain, Belize, and USA.

The most successful developers understand the value of assembling a design team from the onset that listen to their goals and that can provide experienced input throughout the feasibility studies, market analysis, and preliminary land planning. MDS has assembled a talented group of planners and designers who share the goal of providing a more sustainable way of developing communities.

Stock Plans

Our stock plan library represents a market-proven body of work spanning over 37 years.

Our stock plan library represents a market-proven body of work spanning over 37 years. Licensing is available for Single-Use and multi-Use (for builders and developers) and include many authentic traditional styles such as Spanish Colonial, English, French, Italian, and more!


As needs and circumstances change, instead of simply relocating, many modern families choose to remodel.

Many families love the neighborhoods they live in. MDS has helped many such families by bringing decades of creativity and building experience to masterfully “repurpose” existing homes.

Charrette Services

A charrette is an intensive planning session that expedites the schematic design phase from many weeks to just a matter of days.

It is typically held near the project site, where stakeholders, such as developer, builder, municipalities, and others collaborate with the planners and designers on a vision for development. Charrettes provides a valuable forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback/response to stakeholders and designers.

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